Stephanie Elizabeth and Fiance Dave Lloyd

Hey there! Want to know a little about Stephanie Elizabeth and her curious critters? you're in the right place…

Stephanie is an Australian artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She is a true creative with a passion for all things nature. Above all else she is best known for her watercolour animal artworks.

A love for the environment and a strong moral compass led Stephanie to study law but her creativity had other ideas… A swift change of study saw her chasing a career in events management to the tropics of Far North Queensland. Living in Port Douglas where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef, inspiration was overwhelming and she began to paint in her spare time.

With an apartment full of turtle paintings and the encouragement of her now Fiancée Dave, it was leap of faith to try selling her work at the local markets. Dragging two suitcases the length of Four Mile beach into town with only a rug on the grass to display paintings, her first market was a sell-out. Stephanie realised then that people were willing to support her unique style of creativity.

Five years of artisty life later and her work has inspired all ages to love and care about the creatures around them.

Stephanie is known mostly for her quirky animal paintings splashed and dripping in personality! Her partner Dave recently jumped onboard full time as the in-house printer and admin extraordinaire meaning Stephanie has an abundance of studio time and new works up her sleeves for the year ahead.

Now based in Port Douglas in Far North Queensland, Stephanie Elizabeth Artwork has come full circle. Re-establishing the business in Far North Queensland, Stephanie hopes to spread joyful artwork throughout the world.