2020 Commissions are now open!  
Email stepheartwork@gmail.com if you’d like to book in your very own custom, original artwork.

Oil whale painting on canvas


There is a creative process behind making an artwork. I usually have an idea in my head and try to put it into paper or canvas. That being said, it does not always turn out the way I imagine. I usually work with a primary colour palate in mind and use complimentary shades and paints that best suit the artwork. I let the paint do its thing and take on a mind of its own.

Commissions are a little more complicated. The more detail you, as the client can give me the better. There is a happy place somewhere between your expectation and mine that is exactly what you want your artwork to look like. I want you to be happy with your piece of art! So, it is imperative that you give me as much detail and if possible, examples of exactly what you are looking for. It can really help to give me examples of my previous work that you like to look of.

Sometimes it’s a little daunting choosing the size that would best suit your wall. Don’t worry, if you are struggling with this we can always help offer suggestions based on previous clients. A rough idea of the colour palate of the room the artwork will hang it can be very handy as well. If you like my work and want one of your own, then you will have to leave me with a little creative license to ensure that you get your dream piece on your wall.

I typically allow for 2 alterations to be made to the piece. I will provide a sketch before I start painting, at which time I strongly recommend taking a good look at the direction the artwork is going in. After I get the thumbs up with the sketch, I begin my magic! I’ll send through progress shots as I work through the artwork.

Commission custom artwork by SEA


 When you are organising a commissioned artwork, please send through more than one image. It is incredibly difficult to capture the true essence of what you are after if I only have one perspective to work from. Please let me know if there is a certain image that you had in mind to base the artwork on.


If you have a certain time or date that you need an artwork completed by, let me know in initial discussions. I will do my best to work to this deadline and usually do so without any issues. However, sometimes artists get creative blocks and completing certain pieces becomes difficult.


Payment is required up front for all commission pieces. Prices vary based on the size, subject, medium and framing. Once we have agreed on the price of an artwork, you will receive an invoice with payment details. Shipping is included in the cost of all custom artwork and once completed we will arrange for the piece to be sent to your nominated address.

Black Cockatoo watercolour canvas artwork