Lets talk about print sizes

Paper Print sizing is as follows:

23cm x 23cm
X-Small (Square)
9” x 9”
21cm x 29.7cm
Small (A4)
8.27” x 11.69”
29.7cm x 42cm
Medium (A3)
11.69” x 16.53"
42cm x 59.40cm
Large (A2)
16.53” x 23.39”

59.40cm x 84.10cm

X-Large (A1)
23.4" x 33.1"
84.10cm x 118.9cm
XX-Large (A0)
33.1" x 46.8"

Please note that print sizes may vary by a few mm.

If you have a specific frame or matting board you are planning on using for a print, please contact us to check the border size for the desired print.

Canvas Print sizing is as follows:

90cm x 90cm
Turtley Big Canvas
35.43” x 35.43”
100cm x 90cm Turtley Bigger Canvas 39.37" x 35.43"
150cm x 70cm
Flippin' Big Canvas
59.05” x 27.55”
250cm x 100cm
Flippin' Huge Canvas
98.42” x 39.37" 

Custom sizes and margins are available for most prints.

Please contact us directly and we will help you out!