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Article: Moving to Port Douglas

Port Douglas Watercolour Artist
Port Douglas

Moving to Port Douglas

Port Douglas Artist

Some places just capture your heart and never let it go. Port Douglas was that for me. 

Ever since we moved here on a whim 8 years ago this little town has been ingrained at the back of my brain. 

We only spent 9 months here but on moving to Sydney after I felt like a little of me was missing especially creatively. I got my name out there, built a customer base, did all the ‘businessy things’ but it wasn’t quite the same. 

We planned the move for a year before taking the leap.. researched everything from suppliers to internet connection to paint dealing with the humidity and now I just wish we hadn’t worried and instead just jumped right in. If there is one thing Covid has taught us its that we can adapt to a virtual world of working after all! 

Now we are here and the creativity is flowing, I think there is something to be said for a small town pace and allowing yourself the breathing room to experiment more. The pressure is not so heavy as in a city and when you take time out the to-do list guilt’ is a quieter voice.

Port Douglas Artist

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