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Article: Teaming up with Art Edit

Art edit magazine feature page publication
Art Edit

Teaming up with Art Edit

Art edit magazine featured page with Stephanie elizabeth artwork

The latest Art Edit mag is out and I’ve always loved picking it up at the newsagent and perusing the amazing Aussie artists that line the pages. So it will come as no surprise that I was ecstatic when the approached me for a collab!

The Magazine is in partnership with Saatchi Art and The Other Art Fair which I am exhibiting at in October (double pinch myself moment!) and will be handing out tickets to lots of you art loving VIPs if you are attending!

The fine-art world can be pretty intimidating and with so many incredible artists writing about their exploratory journeys of self- discovery and craftsmanship I was a little overwhelmed answering the Q & A about my little watercolour business. 

So I sat down to write my answers which were written, re- written… scrunched up in a ball and rewritten before I just said stuff it and wrote from the heart instead. I guess I began to realise that everyone has their own journey of creativity and at the end of the day that is all well and good, but the painting needs to speak for itself too.

So if you’re waiting in the airport or want a calorie-free, inspiration-full accompaniment to your cappuccino… pop online and download the current Art Edit mag and let me know what you think of my answers! (it’s the page covered in quirky birds).

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