The Other Art Fair

Huge humpback whale on canvas and sea turtle oil painting

This coming weekend I am doing my first ever big art fair… Eeek!

I applied for this fair on a few occasions but have never made it in so it’s a big deal for me to be accepted (and a lesson in keep throwing your hat in the ring!).

The lead up to these events is always a mix of nerves and excitement with a side of imposter syndrome…

I have been working away on pieces for months with new materials and breathing new life into old canvases. The main theme being sea-life and Australian birds as we head into summer, there are a few buyers coming to specifically see pieces I have worked on recently so I’m excited to see what they think in person. 

I have done events like Handmade Canberra and Finders Keepers enough timed to know a bump in process but I feel a little out of sorts with just a big blank wall to fill not my safety blanket market set-up! 

Still I’m super pumper for the weekend ahead and can’t wait to meet industry professionals on the Thursday and art-lovers all weekend! 

Will do a follow- up blog of how I found it and what I learnt from the experience.  

Wish me luck!